Tuesday, November 6, 2012

15 and 16 Week - Photo Shoots

My favorite at 15 weeks

At the last two agility trials, my friend and a photographer, Maggie Fan was available to take photos of Maddie.
 Of course, the inspiration and main subject for "Madzilla". Definitely my other favorite at 15 weeks.
 Holding a Zanie Flyer at 15 weeks.
 It was nice that we had a rock to put Maddie up on.  It made it easy to take her collar off and to pose her without risk of her running off.  15 weeks.
At the second location at 16 weeks, we were not as lucky to have a perch to place Maddie on.  There was a horse show going on, so Maddie didn't pose as cooperatively.
My favorite at 16 weeks.  My puppy is gorgeous!!!
 This bench worked for a short while.... until she jumped off that is.
And then we tried really really hard to get Maddie to play.  We were trying to get more Madzilla pictures, but she just was not having any of it.  She was too distracted by the horses to look uncivilized.  This is the best we could do with play shots.
Quit trying to make me look uncivilized!
Don't you dare try to make me play.
 Okay, maybe I will tug a little.
Dumbo ears sometimes...
Wind swept ears other times...
And I thought you might like to see what her littermates look like at 15 weeks.
Tia and Sam 
Tia and Sam


What Remains Now said...

I think you said it...your puppy is GORGEOUS. We love Maddie!

Ximena said...

Oh my... she is so SHINY! What a beauty. You picked a good one, for sure. Seriously so glad I get to watch her grow up - and you've been so awesome about updating!

themiddleroad said...

She's so much sleeker, silkier and muscular than her littermates - she really is a lucky pup!!

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

The littermates live on a greyhound farm in Texas so they are in huge grassy runs with housing that is adjusted for the season and weather. So their coats will be heavier being that they are outside more. So they will be tougher and more rugged than Maddie who will be wussed out in coats and the warm indoors. :-)

Claire Krigbaum said...

Yes, gorgeous!!!
Those are stunning shots of her too. I really love the last couple.

Hazel said...

Great photography, great subject!

Trina said...

She is SOOO SHINY!!! I love the third one. She reminds me of a horse there for some reason. So beautiful!

houndstooth said...

She's gorgeous, and apparently growing up into quite the young lady! Her littermates are all looking really cute, too!

Greyhounds Aren't Grey said...

She is so sculptural. That fabulous black fur really catches the light. It's what made me fall for greyhounds in the first place!