Monday, October 15, 2012

13 Weeks - Maddie vs. Ivy

On Sunday, Tracy and I planned a puppy play date for our sweet little angels.  We thought they would want to play with dolls and play dress up, but these girls are rough and tumble.
I should not be surprised.  I was a Tom Boy and played with He-Man and had Castle Grayskull instead of a Barbie mansion.  I did have a Barbie, but only because someone had to take care of all of her horses and pets.
Maddie is two weeks older and a few pounds heavier than Ivy, but so far they are well matched and we hope they will be good friends as they continue to grow.  We are going to make a valiant effort to get them together as often as possible.
Tracy and I did figure out that Maddie and Ivy play best when they are fresh.  They seem to be more conscientious and are good about not hurting each other.  When we brought them back for a second play session, I think they were both getting a little tired.  I think Ivy was being too rough and Maddie was being too sensitive so we decided that we would probably avoid round two in the future.