Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Agility Trial

As usual, Seven was awesome at the agility trial as well.  She qualified six out of eight runs and double qualified twice.  She won her Jumper classes every day.  Seven is now qualified for the AKC Agility Nationals and she did so within her first year of competing.  That means she had to work her way through the Novice, Open, and Excellent levels before she could even start working on qualifications for the Nationals.  She is an annoying diva, but at least she earns it.

Here is QQ #5.
Here is QQ#6.
I was having trouble with her A-frame performance.  She is supposed to finish the A-frame with her back feet on the A-frame and her front feet on the ground. Although she still made it through the yellow contact zone each time, she was not doing what she is trained to do and it can lead to missing the contact zone and not qualifying.  Finally on Saturday, she did it correctly and since we had already made an error and could not qualify, I took the opportunity to leave the ring immediately and reward her.
You will notice that I grab her collar which might actually look rough, but that is part of my "jackpot" cue.  She knows she is getting a big reward when I do that.


Charlene and Storm said...

well done seven!!! xxx
your a little superstar!

Charlene and Stormy

What Remains Now said...

I LOVE watching your video shorts. Great picture of Seven in the weave poles. We're cheering you on to victory, Seven!

Claire Krigbaum said...

She's fantastic! I like your jackpot cue, good idea. I need to add something like that for Indi I think.
When I competed with Amber I always had trouble at trials with her running through the zone instead of stopping but I was never strong enough to take her off course for it. She never actually missed a contact though until really late in her career. With Indi I WILL be more consistent!

gyeong said...

With runs like that, no wonder she's a Diva!

Those Brindle Kids said...

She's not just a diva. She's a rockstar diva!

James said...

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Greyhound Sales said...

Looks good at trials, good luck if she keeps going.