Monday, September 3, 2012

Agility Trial

Last weekend, we attended a four-day agility trial in Tennessee and the girls did very well.  On Thursday, Riley qualified in both the Standard and Jumpers class earning her 7th Double Q (needs 20 for a championship).  This Standard course (the first run on the video) was especially difficult. It was not very smooth and obstacles were very close together and in my way. A good example of the difficulty is 20 seconds into the video, I have to stop, call Riley, and then run around weave poles to get her to the A-Frame.  Ideally, I would have done a smooth, early turn through the weave poles, but that is not allowed.
Riley still needs two more Double Qs before November 30th to qualify for the AKC Agility Nationals.  Plenty of time still. I think we can do it.

Riley qualified two other times, but not on the same day.  She is still dropping more jump bars than I would like to see.  Maybe she is just excited and careless.  Riley is so funny though.  She is such a sleeper in the warm up.  I will have to get someone to video it one day.  She just warms up really pokey and half asleep. Then it is like a light switch is flipped when she leaves the start line.  If she warms up perky, I know I am in deep trouble.  Here is one other run.