Monday, July 9, 2012

What You Have Missed

Seven caught without her make up.

So while Seven's movie did run our lives for a couple of months, it was not the only thing happening....

Most importantly, Riley recovered and rehabbed her injured P1/Metatarsal joint that had been punctured. Knock on wood, she is sound.  Even a little better than I was hoping.  I thought it was going to be a bit of a chronic issue to be managed, but so far it has not been. Knock on more wood.
Remember how awesome this was after recovering from the hock fracture.... NOT!

Riley has even made her third debut back into the agility ring (next post).  I still (and always will) cringe when I allow Riley to "playtime" which consists of running laps with a toy in her mouth. I will not toss the toy for her anymore (since that is how she fractured her hock), so she tosses the toy herself into the air for catching, darting, and pouncing.  I wish I could find other ways to tire her out, but the girl has to run.  If she does not, Riley gets too excited and she uses agility as an opportunity to run.... out of control.
Also, we celebrated another Brindle Birthday.  We currently have three brindle greyhounds, Stacker, Riley, and Seven who were born on June 28th from different mothers in different years.  Stacker turned 13, Riley turned 6, and Seven turned 4.  We do not normally celebrate the dogs' birthdays (there is too many of them), but with three all on the same day we just cannot let it pass us by.  Everyone (including the non-birthday hounds) got their own steak..... but they had to earn it by wearing party hats.
Seven and Riley were especially thrilled.  Can you see it on their faces?
Hand over the steak, Mom.

All in all, things have returned to normal.