Thursday, July 12, 2012

Riley's 3rd Debut

Riley debuted in agility competition for the third time on June 22 through 24th at the MOTC trial in Tennessee.  This facility is awesome because no matter how hot it is outside, it is freezing cold inside.  It is so cold, I have to wear pants and a fleece inside most of the time.  The dogs love it though!
Ummm... where is the jump?

There it is!

And Riley clears it!

Riley was perfection her first day back.  She qualified in both classes for her 5th double qualifier (needs 20 for an agility championship).  Here are her two runs.
Then Riley's best run of the weekend was Jumpers on Sunday.  She ran it in 6.14 yards per second which ties herself for the fastest any of my greyhounds has ever run an agility course.  Riley has run one other time at that speed.  It is rare for any of my hounds to exceed 6 yards per second at all.  You are getting into border collie fast at those speeds so I am always thrilled when we can do it.  For comparison sake, Travis only did it once.
Go Riley Go!