Monday, June 11, 2012

Miami Movie Shoot - Take 8

I was a good girl.

Anthony Mackie picked us in front of our hotel.  We were not sure what to expect, but it was just a normal rental car.  It was really nice of him to do that because the restaurant was near his hotel and his hotel was about 15 minutes from us.  He took us to a seafood restaurant called Truluck's.  I forget how the conversation had come up, but he knew that we were pescatarians which is a vegetarian except for seafood.... of course, he joked and kept calling us Presbyterians.  Anyways, it was very sweet of him to remember that about my sister and I.

Truluck's is quite fancy by my standards.  Our car was valet parked and my white cloth napkin was quickly switched to black so as not to get lint on my best black yoga pants. Ha!  The menu prices were in the $20  to $35 range.  Thank goodness I brought a fancy t-shirt.  Tonya, the American Humane Association rep, met us there a few minutes later.

Conversation was awesome.  It was great to hear about Anthony's five siblings, his parents, and where he grew up.  He also listened carefully to our stories.  We told him that Mark Wahlberg had been a disappointment that we had been excited to meet Mark and had hoped he would be more outgoing.  He said Mark was nice, but agreed he was different.

Anthony told us a story about hosting an award show once.  One of his favorite actresses was getting an award and during her speech she said "People don't always remember what you say, but they will always remember how you made them feel."  Since Anthony was hosting the show and this actress (sorry, I cannot remember her name) seemed so approachable because of what she just said, he asked if she would take a picture with him as she came backstage.  She pulled back and was obviously very put out by the request. "Maybe in a little while." she said.  He was caught off guard and could not believe how she responded after making such a profound statement.  He then called her a bitch and walked off.  Ha!

Anthony also told me that he knew I was cool when we were shooting the last week in March.  It was my first day on the movie set.  Michael Bay wanted to take still shots of Seven so I was positioning her in a stand stay.  Phil, the animal talent agent, was trying to be involved, but interfering more than anything.  In front of Michael Bay and Anthony, I said to Phil, "I've got this."  Anthony said he knew I was cool then.

We also found out that while Mark and The Rock both had assistants, Anthony had none.  He had asked the production company for one because he needs help with running errands when he is getting picked up from his hotel as early as 7 AM and then working sometimes as late as 10 PM.  He also is on a special diet and needs to eat every few hours.  He wanted someone to handle that schedule for him as you can lose track of time very easily on a movie set.  Well, since Seven had four assistants, I generously offered to share her entourage with him.  Denise, Tonya, and I were more than happy to fetch Anthony a sandwich anytime!

Anthony was a gentleman and paid for dinner.  It was late and we had closed the place down.  Denise, Tonya, and I felt so special.  We might not remember everything that he said, but we will always remember that he made us feel important that night.  And to top it all off, Seven was as good as gold in the hotel room!