Thursday, June 7, 2012

Miami Movie Shoot - Take 7

Me and Anthony Mackie

It is still Wednesday, May 9th.  We are finally wrapped and free to go around 7 PM.  One of Anthony's lines was "Where's my dog?".  He had to yell it again and again all afternoon.  So as I was packing up to leave, I walked over to him and said "Your dog is in the van."  He asked what we were doing later that night and would we like to go out to dinner. Umm, yeah!!!... Okay, I was much cooler than that.  I said "sure".  He said let me send you a text message so I have your phone number.  Now, don't get too excited.  I only have his Florida cell phone number and not his real number.  The production company gave him a cell phone to use while in Miami.  I warned him that we were not dressing up nice.  I only had my best dog agility outfits along (so mad because on the first trip, Stefanie and I both brought one nice outfit just in case...).  He said we could go to Cracker Barrel and laughed.

As we left, we passed Rebel Wilson and my sister, Denise, told her how much she enjoyed "Bridesmaids".  Seriously, if you like a good sick comedy, "Bridesmaids" is hilarious.  Even though it probably seems like a chick flick, the guys can totally appreciate the (sometimes sick) humor.
Rebel Wilson 

We let Tonya, the American Humane Association rep, know about the dinner plans and Denise and I headed back to our hotel.  We knew that shooting would probably go until 9 or 10 PM, but we were not going to turn down a dinner invitation with a movie star so we waited patiently for the text message.

At 9 PM, Anthony texted that he was back at his hotel and asked if we still wanted to go.  I said yes and asked where the Cracker Barrel was.  I reminded him that I was driving a cargo van so I did need a place with a decent parking lot.  He said he would pick us up in twenty minutes... or did we need more time?  I reminded him that we were not dressing up and we were ready to go.  I put on my cleanest black yoga pants and nicest t-shirt.
I'm a good girl.

This would be Seven's first time uncrated and unsupervised in a hotel room.  Normally, I would just drive the van and keep the dogs in the van while I am at dinner, but that just was not an option this time.  Plus, it had been a long day.  She had eaten and pottied.  And she had Riley there as her mentor.  What more could she need to be a successful good dog?