Monday, March 19, 2012


To pass the time, Riley and I have started tracking.  Tracking is one of those activities I start, but have yet to finish.  So I am starting it once again since it is a perfect activity for a dog that is on restricted activity.
One of the big drawbacks to tracking is the lack of space available.  Not everyone has access to a large grassy field on a regular basis.  But I do!
This is one of the fields that Southeastern Greyhound Club holds lure coursing trials at.  We have used this location for at least 15 years.
 I live about 20 minutes away, but my agility field is even closer.  The best part is that it is a hay field for a thoroughbred farm and not a pasture (so no manure or animals to deal with).
Since I am out of the lure coursing loop and had not spoken to the landowner or farm manager in many years, I asked my friend, John, to ask for permission on my behalf.
Permission was granted, but the farm manager asked that I stay off the driveway because the employees sometimes drive to fast.  She wasn't kidding!!!
It appears that these two cars had a head on collision just as the driveway crests a small hill.  It was obviously quite an impact.

Here is Riley completing a short 30 yard track.  I am holding the camera so it is a terrible video.  The track is actually a straight line and you can see the flag we are headed towards around 1 minute, 24 seconds.  She is still very green, so Riley does a lot of side to side, but she finds all of the treats on the track and is using her nose.