Thursday, March 15, 2012

Agility Trial


Seven and I competed in a three day agility last weekend.  We qualified in one of our classes everyday day, but did not earn any double qualifiers for our agility championship.  I even opted for the lucky shirt on Sunday, but we still only qualified in the Standard class.  Here are two of our qualifying runs.  Both first places.
On Friday, Seven had a really nice sequence at the end of her Standard run.  It is hard to see because my camera is not the greatest quality and it is zoomed out, but at 57 seconds, I layered the triple jump.  That means Seven was working far enough away that I had to put an obstacle between us in order to give her turn information.  Normally, we run closer together, but sometimes not and I have to run around an obstacle.  I hope that made sense.

Stretch!  Seven cleared it