Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Keeper

I was nervous all day and by the time the appointment rolled around, I was a little sick to my stomach.  I hate microchipping.  I am very fearful of medical procedures.  I can handle shots and having blood drawn, but needles stuck in weird places, giant needles, and anything involving scalpels while I am awake really freak me out.  My fears definitely creep into my decision making when it comes to the dogs.  It is why I tend to not pursue aggressive treatments when they are old.  The pain and stress usually does not buy enough time for me to consider it a good trade.

Since the microchip is injected with a finger-sized needle (okay, I am exaggerating, but it is a GIANT needle), I prefer to have it done when the dogs are knocked out for another procedure.  Like Reagan's was done when she was spayed but, knock on wood, Seven has been healthy and free of problems.  So finally after a year and a half, I have decided that I do indeed want her back if she gets lost and it is time to get it done.

So I was nervous for Seven all day and thought about how truly painful it must be to have a GIANT needle shoved through your skin.  I imagine parents must really have a tough time when their children have to have something painful performed.  At least my "child" had no idea it was coming and she was being served a mouthful of peanut butter by the husband as I turned away to avoid watching.  Seven yelped as expected, but it was not bad enough to forgo peanut butter.... Whew... so glad that is over.  Of course in true drama queen form, Seven would yelp from the soreness as she changed positions in her bed that night.

I also bought Seven her own collar tag.  She had been wearing one with Riley's name spelled incorrectly for over a year.  I figured it was time she had one of her very own (actually, I just finally remembered).  So Seven has proper ID now... she is a keeper.