Thursday, February 16, 2012

Lucky Shirt

I have an agility friend, Jean Lavalley, that also runs a dog named Seven.  Her Seven is a black and white sheltie.  Jean has been running agility with her Seven for a few more years than I have and in that time, she has acquired quite a collection of shirts and jerseys with the number seven on them.  At trials, Jean would tease me about starting my own collection.  She finally got tired of waiting and brought me several shirts from her collection to our last agility trial. 

So on Sunday, I wore my favorite of the shirts she gave me.  This was Seven's first time in both Excellent B classes (Remember that Excellent B is the highest level for American Kennel Club agility and it is where we need to be to start earnings points and double qualifying scores towards the Master Agility Championship.) and Seven double qualified for the first time. 
Thank you for the lucky shirt, Jean!  If it continues to work, it might become my agility trial uniform.

Seven's Master Agility Championship - 1 Double Q, 19 to go.  49 MACH points, 701 to go.