Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Latest

Riley's next hock x-ray is next Tuesday.  I am very hopeful that it shows a healed fracture.  It will have been exactly 11 weeks of healing and no activity.  The fracture happened on July 26th... exactly three years after Travis died and that Riley ran her last race.  It sort of seems that good things don't happen close to home, but there might be something good happening in the universe.  I think next year I will sit home on July 26th and let the universe do its thing.
"My Kong is empty."

All in all, I think Riley is doing well.  I believe I see a little hitch in her walk, but I can make anything look lame if I stare at it long enough.  I have seen a couple of trot steps here and there and everything looks okay.  The cooler temperatures are making it more and more difficult to keep her calm.  I put a coat on her most mornings and nights just to help keep her cozy and calm, but she has had a couple of explosions.  She can spin three times on a four foot leash before you know what is happening. However, the good news is that none of her outbursts has caused any lameness.  She carries on like nothing happened.
Riley's feet are so rough from lack of wear.  She can scratch with those pads.  I finally gave her a pedicure.  Of course, I already do her nails once or twice a week, but I had to buff her pads to smooth them out... just for my own safety.
We are also doing cold laser or k-laser.  It is suggested that it encourages fractures to heal.  It just depends on who you ask.  Dr. G and Dr. C said it could not hurt, but that there were no studies proving it increased the speed of healing.  The price was right so I opted to give it a try since it is a painless, low stress treatment.  She has had six sessions.
Riley still works hard on her tricks most days.  I think we have defined them a little better now and we have added a new one I think you will all love.  It is very cute.