Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Never Satisfied

Due to the sprained toe and hock fracture, Riley has missed most of her agility classes this summer.  I did not want to lose my spot in class so I began bringing Seven to the class in Riley's place.  Seven really was not ready for an advanced agility class with international style courses, but she has surprisingly held her own better than we all expected.  Weave poles still need work, but her debut should be sometime this fall.  I am trying to decide whether to just wait until November when Riley is back or if I should debut her locally in October.  Regardless, this means that Seven needs to be officially named and recorded by the American Kennel Club.
I almost named her "Quit Licking Me" as it is very fitting and I use the phrase often, but I have decided to name her "Never Satisfied".  Seven is wonderful to train.  She loves it and would train all day long if time allowed.  Even when it hot and sunny, she puts forth an effort like none of my other greyhounds.
But otherwise Seven is a big pain in the butt.  She is always under foot, is always searching for something to do, is always planting herself in the middle of anything going on, and screams and yelps when things do not go her away.  She rarely appears to be content with the status quo.  The grass is always greener somewhere else. Her unsatisfied nature makes her tough to live with at times.