Thursday, July 7, 2011


No one kicks off summer quite like my sister's lounge hound, Peanut.  She loves nothing more than relaxing by the pool and cannot wait for it to open each summer.
Since Riley is on a modified lay up for her mild toe sprain, swimming was an excellent way to exercise her.  She has been in the pool numerous times over the last several summers so this is not new to her.  She does not love it, but she knows the drill and swims for her treats.  As always, I used the inflatable e-collar to keep ears and nose above water (click here to buy one).  It is a terrible e-collar, but it works great for keeping your dog's head above water, but does not provide as much support as a life jacket.  This encourages them to swim more and to use their hind legs.
Riley was not impressed.
Thanks for letting us swim in your pool, Parkers!