Thursday, June 23, 2011

Two Stepper

Check it out!  Seven is finally weaving through regulation weave poles.  I started to hurry her along because my training set is only spaced at 22 inches between the poles.  Competition weave poles for the agility trials I attend are spaced 24 inches.  I thought 2 extra inches might make a big difference and I think it did.  This is Seven's very first time weaving through 24 inch spaced weave poles in line.
I am still experimenting with having Seven pull against her collar while I put some resistance on her leash.  I alternate between no leash and pulling against the leash.

One thing is for certain, Seven is definitely a two-stepper.  Most big dogs will swing one leg around each pole, but Seven hops her front feet around each pole like small dogs often do.  The extra space between poles definitely makes it easier for Seven to do what feels more natural to her.

Me... I am super pleased to be putting away the training set of weave poles.  I am looking forward to the guides coming down next.