Monday, June 20, 2011

Daddy's Girl

My husband, Stephen, has been super nice to include Reagan when he takes Team Senior (his three greyhounds) to a local hiking spot.  It has a nice grassy area that gives Reagan some running room to play fetch and get some additional exercise since she is 7 and 8 years younger than our seniors.

Recently, Stephen brought Reagan to my agility field.  I set up some jump sequences and showed him where to cross and how to run them.  Oh, Reagan tortures me so.  She has not done any agility in the last few months, but she gets out there like she practices all the time.  Her weave poles kill me they are just so good.  Its just such a shame that all that talent goes unused.

Here is a video of their last sequence.  Reagan was hot and tired at this point, but did everything that Stephen asked.   
For those new to the blog, the summary to Reagan's story is that I trained her for agility.  She was awesome and competed successfully several times.  Then noise phobias started to set in.  Noises like people closing car doors, all sorts of engine sounds, and eventually the teeter board hitting the ground started to panic Reagan.  It spiraled out of control despite all I did to fight it.  The main show stopper was when Reagan became terrified of traveling in our dog van and I finally gave up (no need to make suggestions, trust me, I have tried it). Reagan became a house dog and Seven is her replacement.