Wednesday, May 25, 2011

So Close

Riley had another excellent three-day agility trial.  Three blue ribbons, but Dang It!... no double qualifiers.  So very close on Friday and Sunday though.  This agility trial was local with only a 20 minute drive each morning. 
In Motion Photos
On Friday, we placed first in our Standard run.  We had a bobble near the teeter when she turned towards the dogwalk instead, but I was able to save it and redirect her.  The Jumpers run was qualifying until Riley took down the very last bar.  Dang that hurts!
On Saturday, Riley placed first again in Standard.  The opening had a very tight and difficult weave pole entrance.  My agility instructor made a big fuss in class last week about sometimes considering the long way around.  I decided to make her proud and go the long way in this instance.  It was definitely slower, but it greatly increased our chances of nailing the entrance to the weave poles.  I definitely plan to practice different ways of handling this opening at home.

Jumpers was just plain poohey!  It was very hot at 90 degrees.  Generally, I hose off my dogs in such temperatures while training or competing, but Riley has turned into a crazy dog when I have done that in the past.  She spins uncontrollably and zooms all over the place.  I opted not to wet her down before this run assuming that resting in front of a fan all day would be enough.  Well, it was not.  I knew I was  in trouble as soon as she started trotting towards me (instead of running). At least she finished good.
On Sunday, we did not qualify in Standard.  We were so close and it was a very good run until I made an error at the very end.  Of course, not qualifying in Standard ensured that we would qualify in Jumpers with a first place.
And here is a typical scene.  Riley resting comfortably.  She recharges so well.  On the left we have Seven who is always hyper alert and straining to see where I am.  I crated them both in the van and Seven reminded me that she is still an idiot. Screaming and yelping like she does. 


Mad Red Hare said...

Greyt job!

abravesfan63 said...

Love the tail extension!!

jcp said...

Good Job!
Have you started competing Seven Yet?

Muttsandaklutz said...

*Who* was that dog in the first part of Saturday's Jumpers? I have never seen her before. Perhaps she was channeling my dog Lucy? Now if only I could get Lucy to channel Riley! :-)

Congrats on all those blue ribbons.

KF-in-Georgia said...

Maybe Riley would profit from a cool-down jacket--a jacket (or even just a towel) that you could wet and put over her while she's resting in front of the fan. It might not wind her up as much as getting hosed down.

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

JCP, hell no! Seven has not fully learned to weave yet. I do not have a competition debut date in mind yet.

Mutts, I don't know who that dog was either. I don't think any of my greyhounds have ever started that slow. It was awful!

KF, I was thinking about a cool down coat. One of the problems with spraying her off is that the small droplets of water feel similar to flies and she is a bit over reactive about flies. So sometimes when she is dripping wet you see her start to react as if a fly has landed on her. So a coat would probably be great for her.

Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

More wonderful performances. I don't know how you remember your way around all those courses, Jen. I get lost on Rally courses that are signposted and numbered!

Michelle said...

Congrats on the blue ribbons!! :) Our Pippi becomes crazy like that when we hose her off too.

greytblackdog said...

You ROCK Riley!

Maybe you could cool her down with cold water packs instead of soaking her? Just tuck them under and around her while she rests in her crate.

My horse used to run and go crazy when wet down with a hose. I'm sure it feels so good they can't control themselves.