Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Pain In The...

... Back.  At the last agility trial, I had Seven looked at by a canine massage therapist.  It has crossed my mind that Seven may have back pain and that is the cause for her funky weave pole style.  A chiropractor a couple of months ago found a very painful spot and suggested I x-ray her.  I did and nothing was found.  Her spine looked great so back to training we went.
The massage therapist at the agility trial, Sheila Wideman, (click here for website) also found soreness in Seven's lumbar region.  As Sheila worked on the tense areas, Seven would roll over on her back and bring her paws up to her face in an adorable attempt to convince Sheila she would prefer a belly rub.
Mom, make it stop!

I thought Seven would just melt and thoroughly enjoy 30 minutes of massage, but she was quite squirrelly and difficult.  Since I had access to Sheila three days in a row at the agility trial, I signed Seven up for a massage each day.  I hate to admit that Seven has had more professional massages in the last month than I have had my entire life.  Such as the life of a dog.
Over the three days, Sheila showed me Seven's trigger points and how to work on them.  She suggested I use heat to warm and relax tense muscles.
Seven even began to relax and enjoy the massages.
OK, not so bad.

Since then, Seven is less sensitive in her lumbar region.  I warm her up and massage her back before training.  I believe her weave poles may be a little faster.  Honestly, I am so knit picky at this point I am probably not objective anymore.  If I stare at any dog long enough, they eventually look unsound to me.  
Since taking the video above, I have reduced the channel space to about one inch and she continues to happily perform them and maintain a good pace.  Hopefully, I will be able to close them up completely soon.


Sara said...

I know what you mean about looking at a dog long enough and they'll start to look unsound - I do the same with dogs and horses.

Glad that you found some practices to help Seven - hope the heat and massage does the trick!

jet said...

lucky 7!!

gyeong said...

My dogs definitely get better and more consistent healthcare than I do. I bet Seven looks forward to massages from mommy.

abravesfan63 said...

That is so sweet! I love the rolling over for a belly rub, and the hot packs on her butt(back). lol

Kini_pella said...

Those pictures of Seven are just adorable!!! She is such a cutie!!

I think I might try some massage with Ferguson...when we go biking or blading, I think he gets a bit sore for a day or two after :/. Perhaps it takes a while for greys to get used to physical demands, as gradual as we try to make them. I'll check out the link you attached :). Glad Seven is feeling better!

golfgreen said...

So glad you have identified the potential issue w/ her weaves. They do look a lot better and the fact you were able to close them down more is a plus. Hope you can catch up on the messsages :-)

Sientay L said...

Seven sounds like Dino with unexplained symptoms. Even with Dino's recent xray of a ruptured disc, we are still not 100% sure that is what is causing his back end issues. I know how you feel about the dog getting better/more treatments than you. Dino gets chiropratic adjustments (with an activator) about every 6 weeks. I have never had one done. Anyways, I'm glad Seven is feeling a bit better.

Sandy ~~~ said...

What a lucky dog she is...and OH, you are just like me with horses. All horses look unsound to me if I stare at them long enough. And then I remember...they aren't built by a machine and they aren't a machine. Not to mention they are very seldom on level ground!

houndstooth said...

I think it's cool that you found a reason for the problem and a good solution! When I die, I'd like to come back as one of your dogs. At least I'd finally get a back massage!

Just curious, have you ever had negative comments on your blog from people who objected to the Greyhounds being off leash? How do you answer things like that?

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Houndstooth, curiously, the only negative comments I have ever received came from the same person. I actually recently tracked them down and they apologized funny enough. But it was never about off leash.

I'm sometimes privately asked because folks are curious. Maybe its time for me to repost my Off the Leash post I did a year ago. Lots more readers now... maybe I'd get negative comments now.

Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

Seven's weaves are looking very professional now!

It's great that you're working on getting her right, or that you even found she had a problem. I think a lot of people would just have assumed she was a bit 'off' but not bothered to investigate why.

Your hard work and loving care seems to be paying off for you, well done:)