Monday, April 4, 2011

Incredible Dog Challenge - Part 3

Photo by Megan Underwood
Once the agility portion was over, we had a few hours to rest.  We had set up Riley's crate outside of the secure area again as the crate tent was crazy loud with Jack Russell terrorists.  However, Saturday brought a lot more spectators and we soon were swamped by the crowd.  The PIDC staff was super nice and cleared us a spot near their equipment and we were able to move Riley's crate back into the secure area.  Riley rested much better there. 
Great shot of my butt.  Thanks, Stephen.
Riley was not error free in the Weave Pole Challenge, but the little greyhound did 180 weave poles in a span of about 10 minutes.  That is asking a lot from a hound!  We don't do that many in a whole week.  The first pass through the weave poles had all sorts of mishaps for both dogs, but Riley ended up winning the first heat.  Michael had the best view, so here is his video.
Did you notice Riley trying to go into the Purina box at 1:06? Silly girl!

We did not win the second heat. The Lab smoked us.
Riley was then asked to turn around and do the Weave Pole Challenge again immediately for third and fourth place. I said I needed a minute as I had to feed her some filet mignon.

As we were waiting to start the last Weave Pole Challenge, Riley had a weird moment. She did not like the music that came on... notice her freak flag ears. I pressed her ears down trying to muffle the sound with my hands. She snapped out of it once she started weaving.
The DJ used the same Riley-unapproved-music for the 1st and 2nd place heat. I was feeding her steak and she started to freak out and tuck her tail so I rushed her back to her crate which was away from the speakers. She recovered and was fine after that.
We were all very tired and ready to get home after that.  I am just so glad that we did much better at the event than we did in practice.

Thanks again for all the nice comments, well wishes, support, and cheers.  Its been really wonderful.  I will definitely let all of you know when the show airs.