Sunday, April 3, 2011

Incredible Dog Challenge - Part 2

What a day!  Riley and I had a fantastic day at the Purina Incredible Dog Challenge.  She was definitely a crowd pleaser and I think the announcer's favorite dog.... definitely the DJ's favorite dog.  The announcer gave her and racing greyhounds lots of good props.

I want to thank Riley's hardcore fans, Scott, Amy, Kim, Kim's husband (sorry, your name escapes me), Terri, John, Lisa, Dave, Michael, Mathew, Toni, and greyhound, Get Em.  They came early for front row seats and stayed until the end.  You guys probably lost a little of your hearing sitting next to that speaker, but it was really special to have some greyhound folks in the audience. And then there were a bunch of friends watching the live streaming online.  You guys were so excited for us!  Glen, Pam, Beth, and Heather were posting Facebook updates. 
I also need to thank my roadies, Stephen and Dr. Toby.  Stephen had to cancel 3 doctor appointments he had scheduled for yesterday.  He carried Riley's things, kept an eye on her set up (since we opted out of the deafening crate tent), and videoed us.  I think he would even say that I was pleasant and nice to him the entire time (I think...). Dr. Toby checked out Riley after her mishaps on the contacts, held onto my shed layers, saved me a place in the lunch line (can you believe I somehow missed being first in the buffet line?), and he helped me carry lunch out to Stephen.

Also, our picture was printed in the Atlanta newspaper.  I ran to the store tonight to get a copy. 
AND we were in a short clip on CNN (a news channel in the USA).  My friend works there and she brought a camera man over to video our runs.  I hope I get to see it.  Thanks, Christy!
So our day started out at my agility field.  I wanted to take the edge off Riley so she would run a little slower and would be safer on the contact obstacles that were not in good shape (recall she lost her footing on the dogwalk and A-frame yesterday in the practice, numerous competitors complained, and I think the Purina folks are realizing it is time for an update).

In the first run, Riley ran very sensible and safe.  Unfortunately, she pulled a bar.  But much better to knock a bar from being over warmed up than to fall off a contact/climbing obstacle.
One of our greyhound fans, Michael, filmed the same run from a different angle.
This is our second run.  Riley knocked the bar right before the weave poles and then fell for the A-frame trap at the end of the course.  So run 1 stood as our best.
We placed third in the Big Dog Agility. 
Riley and I were the best posers. We seemed to be the only two to face the cameras and look good doing it. Ha!
I will post the Weave Pole Challenge videos in the next post.  It is midnight and I am tired.  Again, thanks for all the well wishes, positive thoughts, support, etc.