Thursday, March 10, 2011

Murfreesboro Trial

Riley had another excellent agility trial in Murfreesboro, Tennessee last weekend.  It was a four day trial and we both had a lot of fun.  Riley is running so well.  She and I seem to be clicking and on the verge of things really coming together.  She really has become such a joy!

We got first place in this Jumpers run.
This is a qualifying Standard run.
This is my favorite run of the weekend. It is a Standard run and it felt so perfect.
We did not qualify in this Jumpers run, but Riley ran so well. She was smoking, but then I forgot where I was going.
No double qualifying scores this weekend (qualifying in both Standard and Jumpers in the same day). I was really hoping to pull at least one off this weekend. We did earn 79 MACH points (seconds under time) and had lots of fun!

Master Agility Championship Tally: 247 MACH points, 503 to go. 1 double qualifying score, 19 to go.