Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I was so pleased with Riley last weekend! She was perfection! On Friday, we competed in obedience. Unfortunately, I do not have any video, but Riley scored 195.5 out of 200 in Novice B and placed first against 10 or so other dogs. Again she was so cute and very happy to work for her scrambled eggs jackpot.

We ended up tying for High in Trial which is an award given to the the highest obedience score of the day. A Portuguese Water Dog also earned a score of 195.5 in another obedience class. The tie is broken by each dog and handler being judged on a heel off leash pattern. Both dogs had very minor deductions and tied again! The second heel pattern, both dogs were perfect and I believe it was a hard decision, but the judge gave it to the PWD. I was thrilled that two non-traditional obedience breeds were going for High in Trial. Everyone was very excited and complimentary. Next day, we were off to a two day agility trial. Riley was AWESOME!!! Two perfect Excellent A level runs resulting in two more 1st place finishes. Riley was very fast in Jumpers covering 6.14 yards per second which is faster than Travis.

On Sunday, Riley was awesome again. She placed first in the Standard class and finished her Excellent title. This moves her up to the highest agility level where she can now earn points to be ranked, to earn agility championships, and to be invited to invitationals and nationals. In Jumpers, we had the course nailed until the very end. The very tricky course ended with a tunnel. Recall that Riley sometimes ducks around tunnels or even jumps them... notice she did not do that at all this weekend... good girl, Riley! But she did go into the wrong tunnel entrance. Not qualifying, but no big deal. I was so happy she entered the tunnel after a speedy line of jumps.

It is wonderful when everything begins to come together. Riley was so smooth and focused this weekend.

Agility photos by In Motion Photography.