Friday, October 29, 2010


The timing of this is awkward since Katie just passed away. I have a new greyhound. Stephen and I had discussed and decided to get a seventh greyhound several weeks ago. Adopting another had nothing to do with the loss of Katie. Number seven was already in our house when Katie's bone cancer reared its ugly head.I really enjoy having two greyhounds to train. It is much easier to take private lessons or even group classes when you can rotate dogs. I like giving one a break while I play with the other. It simply takes two greyhounds to keep me off the streets and behaving myself. This greyhound is filling Reagan's vacancy in our training/play sessions.I was going to wait awhile to introduce her, but I simply cannot settle on a name and I am tired of the husband using "Giant Ass". I honestly hate naming girls. I always have a short list of boy names, but never seem to have any girl names in mind. If someone can suggest a name that I use, you will win a prize. I am not sure what that will be just yet. So many of you are outside of the USA so I want to be sure it is something I can ship to you. Her race name is Escape Hatch. Very inspiring indeed. She is very excited and happy. Her tail is always wagging and she is a constant kisser. She is a little larger than Riley, but she is a bit more sensitive with a soft temperament. The name should be 1 or 2 syllables.I really hope you guys come up with something. I am tired of scrolling baby name websites.