Monday, September 20, 2010

Wills Park Trial

Last weekend, Riley and I competed in a 3 day agility trial locally. Riley was very good and showed lots of improvement from the prior show. She nailed all of her weave poles the first time with the exception of one. She completed both Open titles so she has moved up to the Excellent A level.I am still having trouble with Riley not seeking out tunnels that are right in front of her. My trainer thinks that when she is moving quickly towards a tunnel that Riley just does not want to take the time to slow down and duck to get through it. It is easier to just run around it.Another issue is that Riley started leaping off the A-frame and finally missed the yellow contact zone on Sunday. She is suppose to stop with 2 feet on the A-frame and 2 feet off.These are just some minor things to work on when we are training. All in all, Riley listened better and was more connected. I was thrilled that she finished both Open titles.

Day 1 - Open Jumpers had a refusal at yellow tunnel and a dropped bar. Open Standard was perfect. She placed first and the weave poles were especially awesome!

Day 2 - Riley popped out of the weave poles early in Open Jumpers, but we are allowed one error so she qualified with a 3rd place. Second run is her debut in Excellent A Standard. She would have qualified except I knocked her off the table. She was suppose to come in front of me, but came from behind instead.

Day 3 - Excellent Standard had a jump refusal and a missed contact on the A-frame. Excellent Jumpers had some creative moments. No qualifying scores today, but I am happy to be back in Excellent.