Saturday, September 4, 2010

Obedience Debut

Last Saturday, Riley debuted in obedience and she did great! She was so happy and cheerful throughout the entire performance. The venue is not the best for green dogs. It is a very busy setting because there is also a conformation show going on. There is lots of barking, blow drying, and airplanes overhead, but Riley was never disconnected and I never felt as though she was distracted for more than a split second. She was better than I expected.

Our major 2 point deduction occurred on the stand for exam. Riley pivoted as the judge approached. No big deal. Just gives us something to work on. Other points were taken off for the lag right at the beginning. She looked away right as we started heeling and her finish (the very last thing) was a little crooked. But most importantly she was happy happy!

Next came the one minute sit stay. This is her least favorite exercise, but she dutifully held her sit. There is just so much air between her butt and the mat. I hope I can build her endurance to three minutes as she needs to perform a three minute, out-of-sight sit stay in Open level obedience. Next came the three minute down stay. Riley has this down.... literally.

Riley finished up with a 192.5 out of a possible 200 points. Definitely a good score for Riley's first time out. She thoroughly enjoyed her macaroni and cheese jackpot.