Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Recently, my mom and I were walking Reagan, Riley, and her three small dogs. We stopped at our favorite lake spot, a peninsula that projects off from the beaten path. After a few minutes, we were startled by three off leash, unsupervised dogs. I carry pepper spray for such encounters, but lucky for them, they had polite body language and immediately headed for the lake. Riley quickly greeted the malamute/husky type and they were friendly. Everyone else ignored each other. I started to relax as it appeared that the eight dogs would easily share the lake shore. I expected an owner to toddle down at any moment so I was working out my lecture in my head. I find it terribly rude for someone to not be in control of their off leash dogs. Minutes pass.... and still no owner. My mom and I start to wonder if something might be wrong so we gather our dogs and head back to the trail. I look left and right and see nothing. Suddenly I see an off leash shepherd mix heading down to the water on the other side of the trail (opposite from where the other dogs are. Finally, I see a person.Me: Do you own the three dogs that are down at the lake (pointing in the direction of their location)?

Irresponsible Dog Owner: Yes.

Me: It is kind of rude for you to allow your dogs to run all over as if you own the place.

Irresponsible Dog Owner: Everyone else does it.

Me: Yeah, well I do it too, but I put my dogs back on leash when we pass other people and dogs.

Irresponsible Dog Owner didn't really have anything else to say to that.

I am just glad her dogs and our dogs were friendly. I wish I could control how I feel, but it really does make my heart drop when my greyhounds are approached by off leash dogs. If anything goes wrong, my thin skinned hounds are the ones that will need medical attention. At least every pleasant encounter is good practice for us.

Here are a couple of pictures of silly Reagan grabbing a stick out of the water.
I am just glad I did not have to send Rabid Reagan after them.