Monday, July 19, 2010

Reagan's Travels

I decided to take Reagan's new found sanity on the road and took her with us to the Perry agility trial. Truth be told, it was probably too much driving for her. I have undone some of the work I had accomplished traveling locally. Hopefully I can get it back and fortunately she is already showing improvement.

However, Reagan did very well with a variety of noises at the show and hotel sites. As you know, Reagan is taking a medication called BuSpar in an effort to minimize her phobic reactions to engines, motors, construction, and road noises. So far the change has been amazing and Perry gave us a variety of situations to test Reagan.

She was able to potty at the hotel near a road with passing cars.Reagan used to fall apart when one of these bad boys drove by... not in Perry.
Reagan also did well with the loud air conditioning units outside of the building and the road noise from the interstate.

I also took her down to the agility rings to see if the teeter noise bothered her and it did not. I am probably going to be loading my teeter into my van very soon and hauling it over to the covered arena at our local agility trial site.

All in all, I'm truly amazed by how well the BuSpar has worked for Reagan's noise phobias. I am so thankful as it has brought the joy back into mine and Reagan's relationship. If you are having a serious behavior problem (not just noise phobias) with your dog (or cat), you may want to consider a behavior consultation with Tufts University (click here). At the cost of $250, I received an in depth behavior evaluation for Reagan, suggestions for solving her problems, and access to a behaviorist for 6 months via phone or email. If drug therapy is suggested for a behavior problem, Tufts University is probably the best place for getting that advice.


greytblackdog said...

Whoo hoo! No more ear muffs for the big girl!

Life With Dogs said...

I had no idea that Tufts did this - but will never forget now that you have mentioned it. Phobias are hell.

IHeartDogs said...

Yay for Reagan!!! It puts a huge smile on my face to see her joy running in and out of the water. All your hard work and dedication is paying off.
Just curious, how far was the drive to Perry?

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Perry is a two hour interstate drive. Around town, she has done really well with 20 minutes there and 20 minutes back. She eats kibble from the Manners Minder the entire trip. But there was a point heading to Perry that she would not eat anymore and then she did not eat in the van again until we got back home and she had done some routine trips again. So now she is back to eating most of the time locally.

Sandy ~~~ said...

Wow---the Tufts referral could be a live safer to many. I don't need it (yet) and hope I never do, but thanks so much for telling me there IS such a thing. And, yup, $250 is such a small price to pay these days to help our four-leggeds.

houndstooth said...

I'm so glad to know that she's made such great progress, and that you're enjoying each other's company more!

I always found it funny that our boy who was so funny about noises and going out was fine when we went away. At home he didn't want to leave the house, but we went to Dewey and he was having the time of his life. Sometimes going to a new place seems to help!

Katie said...

I'm lucky enough to have the behavior clinic at UPenn close enough if I would need it, but the long distance consult through Tufts is truly a valuable resource to be aware of.

I worry a lot about the direction that Steve's noise sensitivity is taking. Some joker down the street set off fireworks right over the neighborhood last weekend while I was walking Steve, and as a result, he was unable to pee outside after dark for five days. Sigh.

whygreyhounds said...

It's so great to hear that Reagan is improving. The attention and work you are putting in will pay off for both of you, Go Reagan !!