Saturday, July 31, 2010

Burning Up

After a crappy Saturday evening, the hubby and I returned home to a sauna. Our air conditioner was not working.Temperatures have been soaring to the high 90's (37 degrees for my Celsius friends) and humidity in the high 80's. We were in for it.Stephen ran to Wal-Mart to purchase a couple of fans. We knew we would be without air conditioner until at least Monday.We debated about whether to intrude on someone with our seven greyhounds (yes we were baby sitting an extra dog), but it seemed like such a hassle.We endured Sunday with cold showers and a wind tunnel living room. It was miserable. We did our best to keep the dogs cool and hydrated. Some sought out tile floors.Sunday night brought some relief as temperatures dropped a bit and the sun went down. We all slept in the living room. I was on the couch and Stephen slept on our dog bed/futon mattress. We surrounded ourselves with fans and propped our front door open. It was kind of weird to sleep knowing that someone could just walk right in. Hence the nearby shotgun.We decided we were not going to spend another night without air conditioning and had planned to move in with my parents. Luckily we did not have to as my hero showed up early Monday afternoon and revived our air conditioning unit.I have never appreciated air conditioning as much as I do now. It was truly a miserable experience.