Monday, May 31, 2010


I mentioned awhile back that we were adding some soundproof matting to our van in hopes that it would minimize the road noise and make Reagan more comfortable. By scientific measures it probably reduces the volume somewhat, but I would say that it was not worth the expense. We still need to do the ceiling and behind the door panels, but I am not expecting it to be vastly different than it is now.

The matting was easy enough to work with. You could use a marker to draw lines and cut it with scissors. The back of the mat had adhesive and it stuck to all the surfaces we applied it toWe did the floor first. We removed the rubber mat and applied the soundproof mat. We puzzle pieced certain areas with scraps we had. The rubber flooring was put back in place on top of the soundproof mat.We applied soundproof matting to the sliding door where windows are often located. We opted for no windows so that area was bare metal.We also sprayed foam into areas that could be filled.The van already had wood sides and insulation that Stephen had installed over a year ago. The wooden beams were added so Stephen would have something to attach the wood sides to. We slid the soundproof matting behind the beams.

The wood sides and insulation were added back in.All in all, it might help a little. With the radio turned up, I feel it might be keeping our music in and other noises out.