Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Agility Trial

Riley and I competed in an agility trial at Jim Miller Park last weekend. Our runs from the first day are were not filmed. They were messy and non-qualifying. Riley is still very green and excited. Sometimes she is slow to listen and other times she is too quick to respond. I am still trying to figure out when it is best to cue her.The two runs below are from Sunday. The first run is Open Standard and she is all over the place. Riley is a funny dog. She is so calm outside of the ring and warms up really poky. I jog her down and back a few times. Riley just just follows along with no excitement what so ever. Reagan leaps and jumps by my side. Travis often did at least an extended trot beside or in front of me.... but Riley just does the bare minimum to keep up with me. So it is funny to step into the ring and get such a night and day difference.The second run is Open Jumpers. We qualified, but I think the judge was lenient in only calling one refusal at the tunnel. After the tunnel, the rest of the course was awesome. She even nailed her weave poles which I was very happy about it.

Reagan was in tow. I did not run her as she was on Xanax which is very helpful and I will tell you more about soon. She can can bike, fetch, and play on Xanax, but she is simply not coordinated enough to do agility. Here she is searching for a snack to satisfy the munchies (a Xanax side effect).
Agility photos were taken by Pet Action Shots.