Saturday, February 27, 2010

Novice Obedience

Reagan tortures me so in obedience. She is so cute with her antics and leaps. In obedience class, we all think she is so funny and flashy. But I really just want to get her showing as soon as she is ready and finish her Novice level title, so we can stop practicing. Knowing that she will probably never master a 3 minute sit stay required in the next level (Open) is disappointing. Reagan would be so cute retrieving, jumping, and doing the harder exercises at the higher levels. She would be such a crowd favorite. So the sooner we can quit practicing obedience, the sooner I can forget how much fun it is minus sit stays. I know that is not a good attitude, but I just am not going to force her to do something so uncomfortable. I have seen enough greyhound sit stays to know when I am fighting a really tough battle.

So here is Reagan working through all of the Novice exercises.