Friday, February 12, 2010

Love Affair

You all know about my love affair with Zanie Flyers. It is my favorite toy for playing fetch with my greyhounds. Travis and Katie had won oodles of them and I took for granted that there would be an endless supply. Much to my dismay, they have been discontinued.

Over the years, I had lost several to tossing them behind the wall at the training building. I would throw them too high and too far and they would drop out of sight behind the ribbed wall never to be seen again.......until a week ago. Some friends were installing new lights inside of the building and had casually rescued two Zanie Flyers when spied from a ladder. Sensing my everlasting appreciation for two Zanie Flyers one of the guys offered to rescue all of the Zanie Flyers. "There is more?" I question with wide eyes. In all, he pulled TEN Zanie Flyers from behind the wall. I feel that I may finally have enough to last a lifetime.