Thursday, February 18, 2010

101 Crate Uses

Okay, so maybe not 101 uses. But here are a few things I have found crates useful for. Lord knows they take up enough space in my house. They might as well do more than contain dogs.

Crates provide additional linen closet space or in my case, all of the linen closet space. Hey, when you are 24 years old and buying your first house, great linen closets are not on the "must have" list. My house is a nice place for the dogs and I can live there too. Six greyhounds call for a lot of blankets and bedding. I keep their clean linens on top of their crates.
Crates are excellent for drying delicate laundry that has to dry flat. I just spread a towel over the top and then lay out the article of clothing.
Lastly, crates provide additional counter space for all of those dog bowls.