Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Riley Brag

I am long overdue on a Riley update. The "Golden Child" (Reagan) is getting far too much attention here. Riley is coming along and I would say that her agility work is really good except that she is still learning to weave. Weave poles are hard, but she has been by far the slowest learner. She has been working on them for over a year now. On days I train agility, my primary focus is on weave poles and Riley continues to make progress....
I am very pleased that Riley is consistently able to weave with just 2 guides at each end.

However, I must share a really big brag and I so wish I did not delete the video. Normally, I cut out the errors I make so you guys think I don't ever make mistakes (just kidding :-), but this one was a big brag for Riley. I had placed the middle and last 2 guides on the weave poles incorrectly. Instead of bailing, Riley ducked and continued to weave below them. At first I was not sure what happened, but when I reviewed the video I could see that she remained correct despite the "obstacles" in her way. Good dog!