Thursday, November 12, 2009


Katie is finally trapped at home. She is no longer able to fight off the demons as they now accompany her in both of our vehicles. I know there are many dogs that get car sick or who associate cars with a bad experience, but Katie is the worst I have seen. She is truly panic stricken. She refuses to load and if given a chance will jump out and run to the house. It truly boggles my mind when she has thousands of positive experiences to draw from.

We started Katie on the generic form of Prozac. My dream would be that she regains her mental balance and can once again go every where I go. Her quality of life would be so much better. If not, maybe the drug will reduce her overall stress level and reaction to noises.For now, I do my best to entertain Katie at home. She gets 2 stuffed, frozen Kongs everyday and I groom her. I work with her when the backyard is dry. I occasionally bike her around the neighborhood... unfortunately, her nails wear down excessively in the rear so I cannot do it more than once a week. I would love to teach her some tricks, but she gets really stressed when we fluctuate from the usual. Katie is a machine and will do the things she is trained to do all day long, but she seems unable to download new programs at this point. We also do not allow our dogs on the couch, but decided to start inviting Katie to sit with us. However, it is a new thing and Katie is not comfortable on the couch at all and gets off as soon as she is given the opportunity. Maybe the Prozac will ease the stress of new things as well.