Thursday, November 5, 2009


I have been so busy lately. The fall season is always full of events, seminars, and other activities. I also went to California for a week and left Snookums behind to take care of the dogs (Thank you, Snookums). I feel like I have so much to write, but I have been sick for nearly a week with a terrible cold. I had several posts planned, but now I feel they are so out of date.... but because I am sick, I have not done anything interesting with the hounds and thus have nothing interesting to write about.... so here you go with my California vacation.

I lived in Orange County California from age 12 to 17. Best friend, Anna, and I have known each other since I was 14 when we boarded our horses at the same stables. I moved a lot as a kid, but Anna is the one friend I have kept all of these years. She and I are very much alike and our friendship is easy and low maintenance.

Here is the trip summary..... Leaving Atlanta behind.... Well, Atlanta is somewhere behind the fog.Nothing, but clear skies.... at least above the clouds.Finally, some beautiful sights from the sky. I lucked out. The plane was very full, but I was on one of the only rows that with no one sitting in the middle seat.On the day of my arrival, Anna and I went to the stables to take care of her horse, Junior. I switched to greyhounds, but Anna is still very involved with horses.The next day (Thursday), Anna and I drove to Monterey Bay. We took the scenic route and it was very beautiful in some places. Once in Monterey, Anna and I went to the aquarium and had a great time.
Anna and I then proceeded on to Livermore California to stay with another friend, Helen. Here is the cute down town area.Yep, that is a guy wearing cut off denim shorts and pretty top with spaghetti straps. Fascinating!More to come...