Friday, November 6, 2009

California - Part 2

On Friday, in Livermore California, Anna and I went on a hike recommended by greyhound friend, Helen. It was beautiful. After living in crowded and smoggy Orange County, I am always amazed at how beautiful California can be and by how much space is actually left in some parts.Bessie the cow was not very happy with our visit. Despite Anna and I chatting loudly about the cow on the trail ahead, she did not seem to notice us until we were upon her. She tested Anna, but Anna called her bluff and we continued hiking.One more California post, but the next one will include greyhounds.

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jay said...

I have really only seen the crowded bits of California, unless you include the drive (thwarted by the fires of 08) up Highway 1 to San Francisco. We took a detour inland, and some of it was very beautiful, but I'd like to see some of the desert.

That cow is funny. We have bullocks (steers?) over here who 'test' you. They're so curious, they have to come closer than you'd like, but a shout and a bit of arm-waving sees them off. ;)