Sunday, October 4, 2009


Reagan had another wicked agility trial at Wills Park! She finished her Novice Standard title (NA) and her Novice Jumpers title (NAJ) with 3 first places. She also debuted in Open Standard on Sunday, but did not qualify. I am very happy that we were able to move out of Novice level in just two agility trials.

All 4 runs were videoed. We had a baby judge (newly certified) this weekend. For some reason, new judges tend to design really strange courses. We all felt Novice was more difficult than it should have been and the courses were very choppy regardless of how smooth you and your dog were.

Novice Jumpers - Awful opening with 3 jumps in a straight line to build up lots of speed and then a very tight right turn to the weave poles. She placed first.

Novice Standard - I made Reagan redo the weave poles 4 times. In Novice, weave pole errors do not count as long as you eventually get it right. She placed first again and finished her Novice Standard title (NA).

Open Standard - This is Reagan's first time in Open. She popped out of the weave poles early. This is first time doing 12 in competition. She also missed the A-frame contact zone and flew off the teeter. If you are going to make mistakes, you might as well do all of them in one run.

Novice Jumpers - This was our best run of the weekend. Reagan nailed everything perfectly in 17.78 seconds. She averaged 6 yards per second which Travis did only once in his entire career. Reagan has now done it twice in just two trials. That is very exciting!