Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Remember Me Now

How about a wordy Wednesday!
Okay, one last story about the agility trial over a week ago. I want to confess about being mean to someone. There is this lady who finds me occasionally at agility trials and talks to me about my greyhounds. We met a couple of years ago when I was competing Travis. I love talking to a fan of one of my greyhounds and I am always happy to answer questions. However, this lady aways tells me about her greyhound and does not appear to remember me or my greyhounds. Our encounters are always like meeting again for the first time.

At the trial last month, she started chatting with me when I was dealing with Riley during one of her frustrating moments. It was not a good time for yet another introduction. She tells me about her greyhound again (shy, fearful, could never do agility, yes, I know) and starts talking about Riley. She asked me if I had seen the fawn greyhound run earlier today. Uh, yeah, sort of since I am her owner, trainer, and handler. I just did not have the patience for another chat and escaped as quickly as I could.

So at the last agility trial, the lady shows up again just as we are about to enter the agility ring for our run. She reaches over the fence and begins petting Reagan (extremely bad manners when someone is 10 seconds from running).

Forgetful Lady to Reagan - "Are you going to zoom around the ring?"

Zooming is the term used to describe running laps around all of the agility obstacles and is out of control. Sighthounds can be famous for this. The crowd laughs and the handler wants to cry.Snotty Me - "Why would you say that? Why would she zoom around the ring when she has never zoomed before?"

Forgetful Lady - "Oh, I thought she was the greyhound that zoomed all over the ring at the NADAC trial a few weeks ago."

Unfortunately, my friend, Kathy, was given a good dose of the zoomies by her greyhound, Blaze, recently. Forgetful Lady and I had already had a prior conversation about Kathy and Blaze and I had already explained that was not Reagan and I.

Snotty Me - "No, that was Kathy and Blaze. You always come up to me, tell me about your greyhound, but you never remember me or my greyhounds. Please don't jinx us right now. I am about to go into the ring."

So I was not very nice. Later she apologized (maybe I should have :-). And then the next day something normal happened. She wished us "Good Luck." I think she is going to remember me now.