Saturday, October 10, 2009


I am thankful to report that Riley did better at the agility trial last weekend than the one prior. She had some issues on Saturday, but was perfect on Sunday. As you know, Riley is not competing yet, but I still have goals for her when we attend an event.On Saturday morning, Riley walked happily around the entire facility hunting squirrels unsuccessfully on a four foot leash. She was fine at the agility trial and worked on obedience exercises next to the rings. However, when I took Riley outside of the arena to potty walk, it is as if she suddenly sees the event from a distance and is afraid of it. Again, there is no connecting with Riley when she is like this.

My fear is that Riley would bolt and run away if she were to slip a collar or to be purposely off leash for competition when something scary happens. I have always had very good success teaching recalls to my greyhounds and have felt very confident with them off leash when competing. I have never felt out of control or that one might run away....... except Riley. I do not trust her.However, Riley was perfect on Sunday. She worked well ringside. She was able to walk outside of the event and then return to it with no problems. She played with me and visited with people. She was happy and curious. Improvement!Of course, the boy still hopes that Riley will bomb and one day she will be his trail dog.