Sunday, October 25, 2009


Reagan has been letting her new stardom go to her head and has moved swiftly in making demands.For example, we employ a few mattresses around the house instead of having a zillion dog beds. A futon mattress that sleeps 3 works well for our hounds. Everyone is good about sharing and getting along.
Well, everyone except Princess Reagan. She plops herself down in the middle of a mattress and then growls or shows teeth at any innocently approaching hound.We are having to rein the Princess in and remind her that Queen Katie is reigning super star. Of course, she does not mind sharing if she can use Queen Katie as a head rest. No respect!


SEGA Kennel Walkers said...

What Jen didn't tell you about Princess Reagan is .... a surprise! I'll let her tell you about her wonderful Saturday!

Aragon greyhounds said...

Hum...dogs wearing hats? Ha Ha

IHateToast said...

don't tease!

princess reagan, i'm not much into sharing the bed either. i loooove his trips to china so i can sleep diagonally, as one should. maybe i should growl. and maybe in need a crown.

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Kennel Walkers, Ah, yes... another something to go to Reagan's head.

Toast, I like my alone time too, so I have to agree with you and Reagan there.

Aragon, we usually do not put hats on greyhound heads. :-)


thebean said...

That is just too funny! Max is the same way he always wants things too himself!


Mykyla Hall said...

Love the crown :) It definitely suits her!!

I recently started working for a really neat coffee company - Green Tree Coffee - that actually has "dog friendly" blends and donates $1 per pound that they sell to The Mobile Greyhound Adoption Center. You guys should definitely check them out sometime! -- Especially if you're a greyhound fan who loves coffee too :)

Here's the link:

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Anyway, it's always great to read other people's Greyhound blogs and see photos :) Feel free to get in touch with me any time: or (877) 338-0040

gyeong said...

There is always a diagonal bed hog in the bunch :)

Sientay L said...

Mattresses do seem better than having tons of dog beds.
Only Queen Katie is used as head rest? How odd.

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

No she uses everyone as a head rest. She respects no one :-)... well except for me. I am the ultimate ruler.