Thursday, October 22, 2009

I Love Poop Guards

A few weeks ago, we had a scare. I was turning the hounds out before bed. I was standing around with a flashlight when Riley and a few others disturbed something in front of the gate next to our back door. It sounded like a bird fluttering its wings and I assumed the hounds were pummeling it. I told the pups to back off and they did so easier than I expected. Despite good training, high prey drive dogs are not always obedient when faced with prey. I shined my flashlight onto the victim and it turned out to be a very ticked off Copperhead snake.
The Snakey-Poo was not happy at all. It was striking out and fluttering its tail like a rattlesnake without a rattle. As you know, we do not kill snakes we find. Live and let live, but we do not want a Copperhead snake in our backyard.

I remembered a blog post that explained how a certain lady catches rattlesnakes on her property and releases them far away. Stephen and I were scrambling to figure out how to catch it, but it got away. Hopefully far away and we have not seen it since.I am not sure if it helped or not, but I was really glad the hounds were wearing their muzzles with poop guards. The snake could have easily popped Riley on the nose, but she was well protected with plastic.


alex said...

Yikes- how scary!
Glad everyone was ok!! (Well to be perfectly honest, the snake's welfare I am not that concerned about :)
Are you now busy making the pups suits of armor to protect those gorgeous long legs?

gyeong said...

Glad it all turned out ok. I hope all the nice doggie smells in my yard keep the snakes at bay. Doesn't seem to work for the feral cats who learn the hard way.

BrittBeah said...

Most of the snake bite victims we see at the clinic have bites to the nose and front legs. So yes, your poop guards prolly saved those curious faces. Glad no one was bitten.

IHateToast said...

my mom lost a dog to a snake. glad yours were armed with nasal codpieces.

that poop guard would have done nothing to save my own undies. i'm not normally afraid of snakes, but i'm not keen on surprises.

Jen said...

-that poop guard would have done nothing to save my own undies.-

LOL, me too, Ihatetoast!! A garter snake is one thing, but a copperhead... eek.


golfgreen said...

OMG -- You guys have had your share of snake encounters. I am glad hound and human were unharmed.

LOL another use for poop guards!!