Friday, July 10, 2009

Part-Time Work

Reagan is finally back to part-time work. She is not allowed to go full tilt or do tight turns yet. I have to build her back up gradually. The rule of thumb I use is if you are inactive for 6 weeks, you need 6 weeks to build back up. Reagan is so bouncy and is always in a hurry. She is giving me a heart attack at times.

Here is a recent clip of heeling. Reagan is a little rusty, but she is happy and bouncy. Heeling probably gets a bit boring to watch, but if you compete in obedience you know how very important it is. Heeling is a requirement at all levels, so we practice it a lot.

Reagan weighed in at 52 lbs yesterday (up from the mid 40's)! I think she is really starting to look great and the difference is becoming apparent.

I think these photos even show that her hair is filling back in.