Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tummy Tales

Nothing new to report on Reagan. If anything, she appears more bald to me. It might just be that her skin is getting dark from the sun exposure and therefore shows up through her light colored fur. Coat growth is slow, so I wasn't really expecting a huge turnaround in just a few weeks.

I am feeding the hounds better than I ever have. They get veggies, organ meat, and probiotic rich Kefir everyday now. The organ meat is heart, kidney, or liver. All are rich in vitamins. I am not feeding Reagan any chicken backs since they tend to have a lot of fat. Instead, I feed her turkey and chicken necks. For additional calories, I feed some beef and brown rice as well. Her meals and treats are agreeing with her and I have settled into what I will use once she is weaned off the Metronidazole.

Reagan has been getting weekly B12 injections. I researched foods high in vitamin B12 thinking that I would try to feed Reagan a diet high in B12. I found out that you basically would have to be a strict vegetarian in order to be eating a diet deficient in B12. I concluded that Reagan is getting plenty of B12.... she just needs to absorb it along with other nutrients.