Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Weekend Agility

Last weekend, I had the luxury of having a friend available to video Riley and Reagan's agility practice.

Here is Riley working her way through a Jumpers course. For long jumping exercises, I reduce the jump height by a few inches since I'm more concerned with her crossing correctly and following directions. Otherwise, she is working at full height (24 inches) most of the time.

Here is Reagan doing the same course, but with weave poles. I really like this tiny, little greyhound.

My friend loaned me guide wires for all 12 weave poles. I think Riley is going to need guides in order to complete weave pole training, so I am excited to have them now. I have never used guide wires before, so this is new to me. My friend had been advised to gradually raise the height of the guide wires so they are eventually above the dog's head and at that point can be removed. That made perfect sense to me and worked well with Reagan the other day.