Saturday, March 21, 2009

Am I Still a Vegetarian?

At the seminar last weekend, Kathryn was an advocate for keeping the treats in your mouth. The reason for this is that in formal obedience it is important for the dog to look at your face. The quickest way for your face to be worth looking at is to turn it into a cookie dispenser. Treats can then be given to the dog by spitting them out or by using your hand to take a treat from your mouth and hand it to your dog..... I have to admit that I am chuckling as I write this. I feel as though I am divulging a secret that only formal obedience trainers know. The rest of the world is so amazed that our dogs won't take their eyes off of us......... so now you know why. :-)

Here is Riley attempting to catch bits of cheese I am spitting out. You can see how it is a little slow going with her at times.... Snookums, don't get excited. I am still not giving her to you.

Well, at the seminar, I only had boiled chicken for Reagan. I was not willing to mess up her menu and give her cheese just yet. So I put boiled chicken my mouth and it was nasty. Since then I have also put Tyson grilled chicken strips in my mouth. That tasted much better, but cured any cravings I had. Occasionally, chicken smells good to me, but after tasting it again, it really did not excite my taste buds. Thank goodness, string cheese appears to be working for both hounds with no digestive upsets. Cheese is definitely the preferred treat for hiding in my mouth.

So am I still a vegetarian?