Sunday, March 1, 2009

Hiking with Greyhounds

Last Friday, Stephen and I took a day off from work and went on a "staycation". We were recently planning a weekend trip of hiking and staying at a Bed & Breakfast. When we started adding up the figures and it was just too expensive to go, so we decided to take a day off for a "staycation".
We headed up to Amicalola Falls in north Georgia for a 10 mile hike. I am not sure if I have ever hiked 10 miles before. We took Reagan and Riley along. We thought that maybe... just maybe... they would come home tired.
We found a vomiting log..... well the sap that had been pouring out of it was frozen.

We also found a flag.

I let Stephen hold Riley's leash for a while, but the novelty wore off and he gave her back to me.
Despite 10 miles, this is how Riley and Reagan looked during the last mile..... not very tired at all and still leading the way. Stephen and I decided it was about 2 miles too long for us in one day.All in all, we had a fun day away from work and burned lots of calories. Reagan was still a pain in the butt when we got home. She strolled around the house licking dog beds, crates, and floors and drinking too much water.


greytblackdog said...

We love a staycation. When you are married to a teacher and he has time off at weird times (like a week of in the middle of February), we just stay home and rent movies or hang by our pool in the summer. We're really homebodies at heart.

Maybe those pups should have run at least 2 of those miles :) that might have done the trick. Put that on Stephen's to do list.

BrittBeah said...

Licking everything? Popular girls are supposed to be proper at all times Reagan. You should have blamed that on someone else :)

The vomiting log is kinda gross.

What a nice day away from jail/work. You guys must be having better weather then we are.

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Blackdog, that's why I'm thinking a bike looks better and better. Reagan, especially, is like a whippet. She is never winded. I rarely see her pant. She cools down and recovers in 2 seconds.

Britt, I have no idea what the licking is about. At least she does not lick her skin. I understand licking crates and floor for bits of food... but the dog beds have me stumped. Also this was over a week ago.... we had cold wet weather like you too.... and we took the hounds out yesterday in very wet snowy weather. Reagan was such a wimp about it. She wanted to go home :-).


gyeong said...

My guys are only good for a 20-30 minute walk. You got marathon greys.

Stephen said...

Riley has excelled into a new class. She is a double-A team hiking dog. Reagan made it fine, but did not have near the enthusiasm that Riley did. She had plenty of energy left to try and jump on yet another hiker as we reached the parking lot. Despite my look, I really did have a great time...

Anonymous said...

You say your dogs hadn't done 10 miles but they were fine? I think I am going to take my Galgo on a 11 mile back packing trip (we will do half one day, camp over, then the other half the following day). My only concern is that he will not drink enough--he gets anxious or something when we are out and refuses to drink much. Any suggestions? I think he's in good enough shape even though we only do a mile or two a day usually.

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Yes, my girls easily did 10 miles in one day and probably could have done another 10 miles. Will it be hot or cold when you go? I probably wouldn't worry too much if its going to be cold, but would be concerned if it will be hot and he will pant a lot. If he will eat, I would mix tons of water with his food. Maybe bring some real meat or extra special food and turn it into soup on the trail. Also, feed him really soupy meals the day before and also when you get back home.

Let me know how it goes.