Friday, February 27, 2009

Rory - An Agility Greyt

07/01/1997 - 02/24/2009

I am sad to report that Sharon Smith's "C-ATCH 3 Subtle Breeze OAP MJP ChSN ChST ChJU ChFH ChCL ChWC PJ1 PS1 NAC NJC TDI" (Rory) passed away at the age of 11. He fought meningitis for a year and a half and even felt well enough to compete in agility periodically during that time. However, Rory was recently diagnosed with lymphoma and despite every effort, he did not respond to treatment.

Sharon adopted Rory after he was returned to the adoption group by 3 separate adopters due to separation anxiety. Sharon persevered with Rory and he repaid her by being a wonderful agility partner.

Sharon believes that Rory is the most titled agility greyhound to date and I think she is right. They competed at events organized by AKC, USDAA, NADAC, and CPE. Each has its own titling system. I only do AKC, so I couldn't begin to explain the titles from all the venues Rory succeeded at, but he was quite successful. His agility career did not begin until the age of 7.

I got to meet up with Sharon and Rory at a Harriman, TN trial and a Nashville, TN trial. It was so much fun to have several greyhounds at one agility event. Rest in peace, Rory. Hopefully you and Travis are causing some trouble in heaven. Hang in there, Sharon.