Saturday, December 6, 2008

Spilled The Beans

Recently, my husband, Stephen, let out a little secret about the new girls. It is customary to pay a dollar to brag at the Southeastern Greyhound Club meeting. At last month's greyhound club meeting, Stephen pays a dollar and stands up to share a brag. I am curious because I cannot think of anything worth sharing about our hounds.

Stephen begins to describe the scene you see below. How sweet. Allie, Reagan, and Riley snuggled up on a mattress. He runs for the camera to take a picture and snaps this shot. Suddenly, a toot is heard and all of their heads raise. Riley has done it again. Most greyhound people are familiar with the "silent but deadly" gas, but Riley AND Reagan both end almost ever stretch with a toot from behind. Sometimes no stretching is required. It is quite embarrassing to be their mom. I don't believe it has happened in public.... yet.